Twentieth-Century China

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Twentieth-Century China

Vol. 47, No. 3, October 2022

Table of Contents


Tensions on the B-Side: The Global Gramophone Industry and Quyi Performances in Early Twentieth-Century Beijing

Yu Shi

The Patriarchy of Diaspora: Race Fantasy and Gender Blindness in Chen Da’s Studies of the Nanyang Chinese

Rachel Leow

Birth of the Phoenix: Petty Capitalists in the Socialist Transformation of the Shanghai Bicycle Industry

Yujie Li

From Disillusioned Returned Youth to Party Propagandists: Rural Educated Youth and their Involvement in Rural Clubs in Southeast Shanxi, 1961–1965

Yi Ren

A Rich New Window Into The Social, Economic, And Military History Of Cold War China

Covell F. Meyskens

Book Reviews (online at

World History and National Identity in China: The Twentieth Century by Xin Fan.
Reviewed by Ke Ren

Chiang Kai-shek’s Politics of Shame: Leadership, Legacy, and National Identity in China by Grace C. Huang. Reviewed by Patrick Fuliang Shan

Lange Schatten der Kulturrevolution: Eine transgenerationale Sicht auf Politik und Emotion in der Volksrepublik China by Sascha Klotzbücher. Reviewed by Felix Wemheuer