Twentieth-Century China

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Twentieth-Century China

Vol. 48, No. 2, May 2023

Table of Contents

Joshua Howard

Education as Revolution: Theorizing Education and Learning in Xin Shiji (1907–1910)
Hongling Liang

Post-1980 Remembrances of Female Wartime Experiences as Communist Underground Operatives During the Chinese Civil War (1945–1949)
Amanda Zhang

Sino-Japanese Cultural Diplomacy in the 1950s: The Making and Reception of the Matsuyama Ballet’s The White-Haired Girl
Emily Wilcox

Revolutionary Bedsheets: Industrial Design and the Material Properties of Maoist China
Zixian Liu

Eurasian Mirror: New Perspectives on The Russia-China Border
Edward Tyerman

Book Reviews (online at

Governing the Dead: Martyrs, Memorials, and Necrocitizenship in Modern China by Linh D. Vu (review)
Reviewed by Daniel Asen