Twentieth-Century China

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Twentieth-Century China

Vol. 48, No. 3, October 2023

Table of Contents

Margherita Zanasi

The Making of “Evil Tyrant Landlords”: A Microhistory of Moralized Class Division during Land Reform in Beijing’s Suburbs, 1949
Shaofan An

“This Absolutely Is Not a Hui Rebellion!”: The Ethnopolitics of Great Nationality Chauvinism in Early Maoist China
Benno Weiner

The Ping-Liu-Li Uprising of 1906 Up Close: Its Local Context and Its National Significance
He Xi

“How I Am Brought into the Light”: Representations of Childhood by Missionary Schoolgirls in East China, 1917–1930
Jennifer Bond

Book Reviews (online at

Knowing Manchuria: Environments, the Senses, and Natural Knowledge on an Asian Borderland by Ruth Rogaski (review)
Reviewed by Yuxin Ma

Carbon Technocracy: Energy Regimes in Modern East Asia by Victor Seow (review)
Reviewed by Judd Kinzley

Revisiting Women’s Cinema: Feminism, Socialism, and Mainstream Culture in Modern China by Lingzhen Wang (review)
Reviewed by Lin Li