Twentieth-Century China

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Twentieth-Century China

Vol. 47, No. 1, January 2022

Table of Contents


Special Issue: State Building through Political Disunity in Republican China

Xavier Paulès and David Serfass, Guest Editors

Introduction. Questioning the Teleology of the Central State in Republican China

Xavier Paulès and David Serfass

The Rise of Municipal Government in Early Twentieth-Century China: Local History, International Influence, and National Integration 

Kristin Stapleton

War, Disunity, and State Building in China, 1912–1949 

Emily M. Hill

Migration and State Making: A Beiyang Settlement Scheme along the Amur in 1921

Pierre Fuller

Warlords at Work: Four Crucial Realms and Four Dynamics of State Building in Republican China, 1916–1937

Xavier Paulès

A Critical Dimension of State Building: Taxation in Nationalist China, 1928–1949

Xiaoqun Xu

Health and State Making: The Expansion of State Health Services during the War of Resistance against Japan (1937–1945)

Nicole Elizabeth Barnes

Collaboration and State Making in China: Defining the Occupation State, 1937–1945

David Serfass

Review Essay

Subject to the State: Language and Data in Twentieth-Century China 

Rebecca E. Karl

Book Reviews (online at

Jeremy Brown, June Fourth: The Tiananmen Protests and Beijing Massacre of 1989, reviewed by Brian DeMare.

John A. Crespi, Manhua Modernity: Chinese Culture and the Pictorial Turn, reviewed by Li Guo.

Peter E. Hamilton, Made in Hong Kong: Transpacific Networks and a New History of Globalization, reviewed by Kent Wan.

Jie Li, Utopian Ruins: A Memorial Museum of the Mao Era, reviewed by Di Luo.

Xiaoyuan Liu, To the End of the Revolution: The Chinese Communist Party and Tibet, 1949–1959, reviewed by C. Patterson Giersch.

Yvon Wang, Reinventing Licentiousness: Pornography and Modern China, reviewed by Leon Antonio Rocha.

Peter Zarrow, Abolishing Boundaries: Global Utopias in the Formation of Modern Chinese Political Thought, 1880–1940, reviewed by Matthew Galway.