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Curated by Ben Kletzer, University of California – San Diego

This site presents interviews with Twentieth-Century China (TCC) authors. In these interviews, authors discuss a wide variety of topics, including what brought them to focus on the subjects of their articles, their wider research interests, the nature and use of their sources, and theoretical approaches. The goals of this feature are to trace current research trends and new emerging fields and to introduce both young and established scholars engaged in the study of China in the long twentieth century.

These overall goals, together with a desire to represent a wide variety of voices and themes, motivate the selection of authors to be interviewed.

Each interview includes a link for free access to the article under discussion.

An Interview with Soonyi Lee

This first interview is with Soonyi Lee, the author of “In Revolt against Positivism, the Discovery of Culture: The Liang Qichao Group’s Cultural Conservatism in China after the First World War,” which appears in the October 2019 issue of Twentieth-Century China. Soonyi Lee is an Assistant Professor in the School of Liberal Arts at Mercy College.

Read the interview here