2021 HSTCC Mini-Conference – August 6, 2021

Building a Socialist Society

Conference Program:

Zoom link: https://tennessee.zoom.us/j/97661730739
Password: HSTCC

(all times are EST)


9:00 am- 9:15 am
Opening comments, HSTCC President, Xiaoping Cong

Panel 1: Constructing Socialist Institutions
Chair: Xiaoping Cong

The Making of Evil Landlords: A Microhistory of Class Division in Suburban Beijing’s Land Reform
Shaofan An, Minzu University of China

Constructing a Socialist Society in a Disaster Zone: The 1954 Yangzi River Flood and the Creation of New Relief Mechanism in Communist China
Yu Liang, Binghamton University

Gun Control in Socialist China: Disarming the Masses and “Enemies of the New State” in the 1950s
Lei Duan, Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University

The Interior Revolution: The Making of Socialist Home and Mind in Mao’s China
Zixian Liu, University of Toronto

11:15 am -1:05 pm
Panel 2: Socialist Cultural Production- Propaganda in the 1950s
(note: first three papers were submitted together in a panel)
Chair: Shellen Wu

Staging Afro-Asianism in Maoist China 
Yucong Hao, University of Michigan (yucongh@umich.edu

Documenting Legitimacy: Contesting Narratives of the 1949 Divide in an Anti-Rightist Film, 1957
Yidi Wu, Elon University (ywu3@elon.edu) 

The Machine of Enchantment: Various Narratives of the Labor-and-Technology Spectacles of the Great Leap Forward
Yujie Li, University of Chicago (yjl15@uchicago.edu)

“Give them Instructions and Give them Money”: Guangdong and the trans-border making of Communist propaganda institutions in Hong Kong (1949-1965)
Mian Chen, mianchen2023@u.northwestern.edu
Department of History, Northwestern University

2 pm – 3:50 pm
Panel 3: Constructing the Socialist Identity
Chair: David Luesink

History Education in Shanghai’s Secondary Schools in the 1950s
Guanhua Tan, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mobilizing Youth in Mao Era China: Self-Making and Socialist Construction
Robert Culp, Bard College

China, 1925: Work Comrades and Labor Martyrs
Linh D. Vu, Arizona State University

From Food Substitutes to Women’s Illnesses:  Icons of Starvation for a Socialist Society “Without Famine”
Kathryn Edgerton-Tarpley, San Diego State University

4 pm -5:50 pm
Panel 4: Multiple facets of socialist expression
Chair: Tim Weston

From Tashkent to Beijing: Qemberxanim and the Making of Uyghur Dance in Socialist China
Emily Wilcox, William and Mary

Ballet Is Adopted by Socialist China
Eva Shan Chou, City University of New York, Baruch College.

Racial Capitalism and Socialist Ethnicity in the People’s Republic of China
Jeremy Tai, Department of History and Classical Studies, McGill University

The Making of the Fuwuyuan in Socialist Films
Gavin Healy, Columbia University