2019 AAS Annual Meeting, Denver, HSTCC Business Meeting: The Society’s Annual Business Meeting will be held on Saturday at 7:30 in the Sheraton’s Plaza Court 4 Room.

Denver HSTCC Mini Conference:

The mini-conference will run from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, and will convene in the meeting room on the second floor of 1551 Larimer Street, which is a residential building located a few blocks away from the conference hotel.  I have attached written directions and a map showing the route below.

The Program  is made up of three roundtables. In each case plenty of time will be left for audience participation.

First: China By the Book: New American Stories, 1937-1951

Convened by Charles Hayford, Independent Scholar, and Tim Weston, University of Colorado

This round-table explores how American wartime and early Cold War books created competing new stories with new words, metaphors, and historical meta-narratives, such as Theodore White and Annalee Jacoby’s China, John Fairbank’s China, the State Department’s China.  We invite the audience to introduce other books and extend the argument.

SecondLearners outside the classroom in Republican China: Approaches, Voices, Sources 

Helen Schneider, Virginia Tech University, “Wartime Women’s Work”
Gina Tam, Trinity College, “National Language Reform and Self-study

Third:  The Changing Dynamics of Academic Publishing on Twentieth-Century China in Mainland Chinese Universities 

In recent years, mainland Chinese academics have faced a range of challenges in terms of publishing their work on twentieth-century Chinese history.  These include changes in the metric system of mainland Chinese universities, the requirement that articles must be published in journals listed in the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index, the Social Sciences Citation Index, or the Arts & Humanities Citation Index in order to count towards promotion, concerns about publishing work on sensitive topics, and the difficulty of getting work published abroad.  During this discussion, colleagues will be encouraged to share their own experiences navigating academic publishing in mainland China.  Moreover, colleagues interested in working with mainland scholars who seek to publish their work on twentieth-century China in overseas journals will be invited to share ideas on establishing an informal working group that could recommend journals that would be a good fit for a particular article or suggest framing that could increase the likelihood of publication in an SSCI or A&HCI journal.

Tim Weston, University of Colorado and HSTCC President — Introduction and opening comments

Dong Wang, Director of the Wellington Koo Institute for Modern China in World History, Shanghai University, “Dynamics of publishing in the metric system of mainland Chinese universities”

Miao Feng, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, “Mainland publishing expectations from the perspective of a junior scholar”

Stephen MacKinnon, Emeritus Professor, Arizona State University, “Building collaboration between Chinese, Japanese, and Western scholars via joint publication ventures”

Kathryn Edgerton-Tarpley, San Diego State University, “Seeking ways to foster the publication of mainland research on the history of twentieth century China in quality overseas journals”

Directions: You can either walk half a block to the free 16th Street Shuttle (see dotted blue line on the map). You will want to take the shuttle heading toward LoDo and to get off at Larimer Street. You will see 1551 Larimer on that corner (30 story brick building). You could also easily walk down 15th or 16th to 1551 Larimer.




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