HSTCC-Sponsored AAS Panels (deadline 6/15)

Panel Sponsorship at the American Historical Society and Association for Asian Studies Meetings: We are affiliated with the AHA and AAS, and as a result we are able to sponsor members’ panels at the annual conferences of AHA and AAS.  As you may be aware, the deadline for submitting proposals for the AAS Annual Conference in March, 2019 (to be held in Denver, Colorado) is August 1, 2018. If you would like your panel proposal to be considered for sponsorship by the HSTCC, please submit the full panel proposal to HSTCC Board members Wang Dong (dong.wang@wanghistory.org) and Timothy Weston (timothy.b.weston@colorado.edu) by July 15. They will let you know before August 1 whether or not you may indicate sponsorship by the HSTCC when you submit your proposal to AAS. If you have questions about the process, please contact them directly.

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